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Misplaced Outrage Over Peaceful Protest & the Rabblerousing of Trump

By Alexander Azadgan It is not an over-exaggeration to state that as Americans we are witnessing more of our rights corroding away since those false-flag, contriving events in 2001, and now especially under a disrespectful and mentally-unstable president who clearly has tyrannical tendencies. This does not go to say that Jezebel (Hillary Clinton) would have[…]

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Trump’s Wall and the Neoliberalist Agenda: A Brief Analysis

GEOPOLITICS NORTH AMERICA 31.01.2017 USA Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan Although Candidate Trump’s adamant insistence of “building the wall” was discussed numerously, right from the outset of announcing his presidential candidacy, the executive order that the now President Trump has just signed, albeit not entirely legally applicable from the perspective of some, has caused more[…]

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A Critique of President Obama’s Farewell Speech

12.01.2017 USA Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan Before I commence, I would like to emphatically and categorically state that the critique that I am about to give is not a personal attack on Mr. Obama’s personality whatsoever. I think he is a gentle, loving, family man and a very intelligent academician as well as a[…]

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The Karma of Washington’s Notorious Interference in Other Countries’ Elections

POLITICS GLOBAL ATLANTICISM 29.12.2016 USA Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan Recently, we have been hearing a whole lot of baseless rumors and false accusations from President Obama and his predictable, sour-loser, pro-establishment mafia gang (Republicans and Democrats alike) that the Russians interfered in our presidential election in favor of Donald Trump. Even the CIA has[…]

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Cosa dovrebbe fare Donald Trump per entrare nella Storia

POLITICS NORTH AMERICA 26.12.2016 Italia Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan Ecco la lista dei 10 principali obiettivi che a mio avviso Trump dovrebbe conseguire nell’arco dei prossimi 4-8 anni. Se ci riuscisse diventerebbe il più grande Presidente degli Stati Uniti di tutti i tempi! Purtroppo, temo che egli non abbia alcun reale interesse a risolvere[…]

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How to Achieve Greatness: A To-Do List for President-Elect Trump

24.12.2016 USA Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan Here is my Top-10 list of things for President-Elect Trump to achieve in the next 4-8 years. If he accomplishes the items listed below, he could become the greatest US president! However, I do not believe he has the slightest interest in actually fixing any of the country’s[…]

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Grandes expectativas para Estados Unidos

POLÍTICA 11.11.2016 Estados Unidos Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan Me desperté aquí en Irán, en el tiempo de mi misión académica, para gran sorpresa pues Trump ganó en las elecciones de EEUU. Esto era impredecible. Me gustaría felicitar a sus seguidores, admiradores, y partidarios. Incluso los analistas y expertos, todos, pensaban que Clinton lo tenía[…]

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Great Expectations for America

POLITICS 11.11.2016 USA Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan We woke up here in Iran, at the time of my academic mission, to the great surprise that Mr. Trump won the US elections. This was unpredictable. I would like to congratulate his followers, fans, and supporters. Even analysts and experts, everybody, thought that Mrs. Clinton had[…]

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A Message of Hope at the Possible Threshold of WWIII: Our Hope & Toil Against Their ORDO AB CHAO

SOCIETY 20.10.2016 USA Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan Professor / Sr. Geopolitical Analyst During the 1960s in the United States, young people began speaking and writing the phrase, “Power to the People”, in public places as a form of rebellion and protest against the oppression of the Establishment. In 1971, the great John Lennon wrote the[…]