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Alexander Azadgan on US-North Korea Relations: More Mafia Diplomacy From Trump Administration

Interview for Sputnik News: © AP Photo / Evan Vucci DPRK Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho has complained about US calls to maintain sanctions on his country and its reluctance to formally declare an end to the Korean War. Meanwhile, US State Secretary Mike Pompeo played down the statements. Sputnik discussed this with Alexander Azadgan, a[…]

The Imposition of Artificial States In The MIddle East: The Case of Saudi Arabia And Israel article by Alexander Azadgan

The Imposition of Artificial States In The MIddle East: The Case of Saudi Arabia And Israel

MIDDLE EAST NEWS ANALYSIS The decrepit ideologies of Saudi Wahhabism and Israeli Zionism are immensely important, if not central, to the current Middle Eastern fiasco and the general malfeasant international climate. As expected, both of these corrosive ideologies are largely avoided in the Western mainstream media, since both of these artificially-created nations are considered Washington’s[…]

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Misplaced Outrage Over Peaceful Protest & the Rabblerousing of Trump

By Alexander Azadgan It is not an over-exaggeration to state that as Americans we are witnessing more of our rights corroding away since those false-flag, contriving events in 2001, and now especially under a disrespectful and mentally-unstable president who clearly has tyrannical tendencies. This does not go to say that Jezebel (Hillary Clinton) would have[…]

The Unmaking of Libya & NATO’s Unabashed Hubris

SECURITY AND CONFLICTS ISLAMIC CIVILIZATION 16.02.2018 Lybia Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan Western politicians and of course the deceitful, manipulative, mainstream media have been shamelessly calling Libya a “failed state”. A FAILED STATE?! Who made it a “failed state”? Can we have some academic and historical integrity here or is that too much to ask[…]


What’s Behind Trump Timing in Declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

SECURITY AND CONFLICTS GLOBAL ATLANTICISM 08.12.2017 Palestine Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan  Lesson 1: Trump can’t put his “capital” on someone else’s territory. First and foremost, it is imperative to lay down the fact that Donald Trump is a textbook example of a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Zionist Jewish mafia gangsters spearheaded by AIPAC (American[…]

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Has Noam Chomsky Been a Controlled Opposition?

POLITICS NORTH AMERICA 20.04.2017 USA Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan Back when I was a young anti-war, anti-establishment activist, I used to hold the utmost respect and admiration for Professor Noam Chomsky of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). To me, he was a firm pillar and one of the brightest minds out there: ever wise,[…]

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Trump’s Wall and the Neoliberalist Agenda: A Brief Analysis

GEOPOLITICS NORTH AMERICA 31.01.2017 USA Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan Although Candidate Trump’s adamant insistence of “building the wall” was discussed numerously, right from the outset of announcing his presidential candidacy, the executive order that the now President Trump has just signed, albeit not entirely legally applicable from the perspective of some, has caused more[…]

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Los numerosos desaciertos geopolíticos de Arabia Saudí

GEOPOLÍTICA 24.10.2016 EEUU Iran Arabia Saudí Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan Alexander Azadgan es un profesor estadounidense y un analista geopolítico experimentado. Este análisis es una crítica al artículo de Zalmay Jalilzad, que apareció en la revista ‘Politico’. Zalmay Jalizad fue una vieja mano ‘Neocon’ en el Departamento de Estado. Él se ocupó de los[…]

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Edging Closer to World War III or Washington’s Desperate Rabble Rousing?

NETWARS GLOBAL ATLANTICISM 19.10.2016 USA Russia Syria Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan American professor/ Sr. Geopolitical Analyst During the past several months, there has been consistent reporting on a possible global conflict between Washington and its allies in the West, and Russia and its allies in the East. The dispute on the South China Sea[…]

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The Many Geopolitical Miscalculations of Saudi Arabia

GEOPOLITICS 07.10.2016 USA Iran Saudi Arabia Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan American Professor/ Sr. Geopolitical Analyst This analysis is a critique of the Zalmay Khalilzad’s article that appeared in the Politico Magazine. Zalmay Khalizad was an old Neocon hand at the State Department. He dealt with the Saudis in 1980s. He was also a former[…]