Iranians ‘Feel Extremely Backstabbed’ by US, France Over Nuke Deal – Interview for Sputnik News

Interview for Sputnik News with Prof. Alexander Azadgan Tehran is considering the possibility of pulling out of the nuclear agreement, Iranian deputy foreign minister, Abbas Araqchi, said on in Vienna where the signatories of the deal met to discuss its future. Sputnik discussed this with professor Alexander Azadgan, a senior geopolitical analyst and editor-at-large with[…]

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Euro-Priced Iranian Oil Gives US Pretext It Used to Attack Iraq, Libya – Interview for Sputnik News

By Alexander Azadgan US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has pledged to introduce the toughest sanctions “in history” against Iran, which he promised would force Tehran to fight to “keep its economy alive.” Speaking to Sputnik, geopolitical analyst Alexander Azadgan outlined what he believes is the true message of Pompeo’s speech, and its real target[…]

Trump to Run False Flag Operations to Justify Muslim Ban Order

By Alexander Azadgan “Now, they (new US administration officials) are going to create some kind of false flag operation to get people’s sympathies,” Alexander Azadgan, a multi-awarded professor of Strategic Global Management and International Political Economy, said in an interview with the Tasnim News Agency. “That’s really dangerous and really sad and upset to have[…]


What’s Behind Trump Timing in Declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

SECURITY AND CONFLICTS GLOBAL ATLANTICISM 08.12.2017 Palestine Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan  Lesson 1: Trump can’t put his “capital” on someone else’s territory. First and foremost, it is imperative to lay down the fact that Donald Trump is a textbook example of a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Zionist Jewish mafia gangsters spearheaded by AIPAC (American[…]

The Unraveling of the Riyadh Declaration: The Qatar Dossier & the End of GCC

The Unraveling of the Riyadh Declaration: The Qatar Dossier & the End of GCC

SECURITY AND CONFLICTS ISLAMIC CIVILIZATION 09.06.2017 Qatar Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan As the possible Qatari separation from the rest of hopefully soon to be defunct GCC and in particular the Wahabbi oil-rich dictatorship of Saudi Arabia, do I need to remind anyone that 80% of Qatar’s 2.3 million population are foreign workers and non-citizens?[…]

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Two Koreas and beyond

SECURITY AND CONFLICTS PACIFIC 14.06.2017 South Korea By Alexander Azadgan South Korea’s New President, DPRK’s Military Deterrence, Fall of the US Dollar, and Trump’s Hegemonic Hubris The legendary 1960s-1970s British rock band, The Who, once wrote a very socio-politically potent song called, “We Won’t Get Fooled Again”. It’s hard to single out any one line[…]

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Grandes expectativas para Estados Unidos

POLÍTICA 11.11.2016 Estados Unidos Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan Me desperté aquí en Irán, en el tiempo de mi misión académica, para gran sorpresa pues Trump ganó en las elecciones de EEUU. Esto era impredecible. Me gustaría felicitar a sus seguidores, admiradores, y partidarios. Incluso los analistas y expertos, todos, pensaban que Clinton lo tenía[…]

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Los principales medios de comunicación están a entera disposición del complejo militar industrial y los belicistas de Washington

07.11.2016 Estado Unidos Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan Los principales medios de comunicación en los EEUU fueron muy decisivos para la comercialización de la invasión de Washington a Irak en 2003 y la subsiguiente ocupación. Están usando las mismas tácticas mediáticas (en Siria) que aquellas que usaron en Irak, excepto que esta vez es muy[…]

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Mainstream Media is at the Beck and Call of the Military Industrial Complex & the Washington Warmonger

31.10.2016 USA Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan The mainstream media in the US was very instrumental in selling Washington’s invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the subsequent occupation. They are using the same media tactics [in Syria] as they did in Iraq, except that this time it is very dangerous [in terms of a wider[…]

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The Many Geopolitical Miscalculations of Saudi Arabia

GEOPOLITICS 07.10.2016 USA Iran Saudi Arabia Alexander Azadgan By Alexander Azadgan American Professor/ Sr. Geopolitical Analyst This analysis is a critique of the Zalmay Khalilzad’s article that appeared in the Politico Magazine. Zalmay Khalizad was an old Neocon hand at the State Department. He dealt with the Saudis in 1980s. He was also a former[…]