Trump to Run False Flag Operations to Justify Muslim Ban Order

US Analyst: Trump to Run False Flag Operations to Justify Muslim Ban Order

By Alexander Azadgan

“Now, they (new US administration officials) are going to create some kind of false flag operation to get people’s sympathies,” Alexander Azadgan, a multi-awarded professor of Strategic Global Management and International Political Economy, said in an interview with the Tasnim News Agency.

“That’s really dangerous and really sad and upset to have to predict such a thing,” he added.

“They are going to try to create either a big false flag operation which they cannot do anymore because people realized who was behind the 9/11,” the analyst said.

“They are not capable of those big operations thanks to the Internet and the great awakening or the great Truth movement in the United States.

“So, they’re going to try to create small skirmishes like what happened in San Bernardino, California, where a lunatic who was a US citizen but was also a Saudi national and a Pakistani national came and just killed a bunch of retarded people close to the holidays,” Azadgan said, adding that they are going to try to do these little evil acts.

“Peoples’ nerves are so sensitive right now that 10 people could die in France and people in the United States will go up, you know.

“My tragic prediction is that there will be events like this and they’re going to try to use that as a pretext to pass more executive actions like that. I really hope I’m wrong but that’s how they will try to get public sympathy.”

He further pointed to possible legal battles against the executive order and said, “So, there is going to be some kind of a legal skirmish with that particular executive order and Mr Trump will eventually lose.”

Donald Trump signed the executive order on January 27 banning nationals temporarily from seven Muslim-majority nations, including Iran, from entering the US.

The ban was suspended by a lower court a week later and a federal appeals court on February 9 refused to reinstate it but Trump vowed to continue the legal battle for his order to stand.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Azadgan highlighted the reasons behind the protracted war in Syria and said, “The whole thing with Syria was about natural gas in Eastern Mediterranean.

“One of them, which is called the Leviathan natural gas field under the sea, is being completely excavated by the Israelis. The Syrians had a big portion of that and so did Gaza and Lebanon.”

“The whole Syrian conflict had nothing to do with the Shiite-Sunni thing, had nothing to do with the Arab Spring, which was really Arab chaos,” the senior professor said.

“(It was created) so they would not focus on having a uniform OPEC oil policy that discovered large volumes of natural gas under Eastern Mediterranean and the new transition from fossil fuel to clean technologies, natural gas, period!”

“This could make Israel, if not the biggest, one of the biggest exporters of natural gas,” Azadgan said.

“So the whole thing with that was the Qataris who felt alarmed by that. They wanted to fill the pipeline through Iraq, through Syria into Eastern Europe to sell to the Europeans, themselves. Why? Because the Russians were not selling them natural gas because of the skirmishes between Europe and Russia.

“That’s why they want to create havoc and the Syrians said, ‘No. We just discovered all this natural gas in our territorial waters that we have to, unfortunately, share with the Israelis’. And the Gaza thing too. The Gaza situation is, whatever they call it, embargo. This encircling of Gaza since 2006 is all about natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean,” he noted.

“It has nothing to do with persecuting them or hating them. Of course, they hate all of us as Muslims, but it was all about making sure they (Gazans) are entangled with social issues and political issues and not pay attention to that,” the analyst said.

“Israelis are experts at distraction and distortion, you know. So the Syrians said, ‘Absolutely not. All this natural gas is in our territorial waters and we are not going to want this pipeline.

“What is the second country that supports Daesh in Syria? Qatar. It was because of their natural gas interests. Qatar is a huge exporter of natural gas and the technology is very sensitive and was given to them by Washington. Washington knew way before about this potential in Eastern Mediterranean under the sea. That’s why Qatar becomes a huge supporter of Daesh.

“The more chaos and internal strife and war and famine and death and destruction we have in Syria, the less energy they are going to have in excavating this huge energy source in their territorial waters.

“Why is Aleppo so important? Why are the savages in Syria going to the north and west Syria? Because the only part of Syria that has an access to the Mediterranean is there, and why are the Russians there? Why is their military base in Syria? Their biggest naval base outside of Russia is in Syria. Because the Russians know the natural gas is there too. Well, these things are all interrelated. My field is International Political Economy which is international relations and macroeconomics. You go back to any conflict, the foundation of it is macroeconomics and that’s why that happens.”

Prof. Azadgan is a multi-awarded professor of Strategic Global Management and International Political Economy. He is also a senior fellow with several cutting-edge Iranian and foreign think-tanks as well as a regular contributor with Russia’s Katehon think-tank. He has also won numerous teaching awards, including the prestigious “Influential Educator Recognition Award” at UCI (University of California Irvine).

Interview published by Tasnim News Agency on February 21st, 2018